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12 Ethical Businessmen (2:39, 2.2Mb) 

18 Information and Technology (1:22, 1.15Mb)

20 How long do we have (1:19, 1.11Mb)

Funding the Revolution

by Bill Mollison

"Soon will come a day when climate change escapes all control. We are in truth on the historical doorstep of the irreversible." 
"Faced with this emergency, the time is not for half measures. The time is for a revolution in the true sense of the term - a revolution of consciousness, a revolution of the economy. A revolution of political action."
"Our international political system is inadequate for dealing with the vital challenge of the 21st century - the question of the environment."
"The planet is suffering! Weíve got to have a revolution, a revolution of consciousness in regards to the environment, our planet Earth. We can no longer be the masters and proprietors of the EarthĒ Itís time to evolve and create a more harmonious rapport." 
                    - French President Jacques Chirac 2nd February 2007

Bill Mollison had been saying this for three decades!

He has also shown us a sustainable way to live on the planet.
Finally the world is catching up. 
Is it too late? Not without a fight!

This audio CD is a recording taken of Bill Mollison in Perth, Western Australia December 1985. He talks little about Permaculture, but a lot about economic strategies for change and the urgent need to act. Sit back and listen, but donít sit for long. You are needed in the revolution!


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Funding the Revolution with Bill Mollison

01 Brief History 5:46
02 Seeds at Risk 3:11
03 Fighting Back 6:49
04 Power of a few hundred dollars 7:40
05 Setting up for our needs 4:35
06 Farm link systems 3:47
07 Work Net 2:22
08 Question on Firewood 5:12
09 Question on Forests 3:16
10 Question on Subsidy 5:05
11 Australia's Third World 1:49
12 Ethical Businessmen 2:39
13 Malnutrition 1:25
14 Chemical Cocktail 4:48
15 Commonwork 2:07
16 Plant Variety Rights 1:10
17 The Future 1:07
18 Information and Technology 1:19
19 Water 1:32
20 How long do we have 1:19
21 Rainwater 3:01
22 Chemicals in Food 2:42
23 Finish 1:32

Total Runtime 74:34